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Various models of gun safes

Gun safes are designed in different ways for the safe of the guns. These models include browning M28F gun safe, liberty explorer, bighorn model and rhino iron work series. Other models are steel water, MESA, heritage, snap-safe and many more. These models have their sub models are each has got specific features.

Features of gun safes

Gun safes are modified to suit ones use. They have features such as:

Rotary rack

This rack allow for easy and quick access of the gun. The lower rack has about sixteen different rifles. Rifles like night force and ARs are amongst the available sixteen rifles. A standard rotary rack can store up to twenty two guns safely. Other medium sizes that can store even number of guns are also available. These are between twelve to sixteen guns in a rifle.

Vault doors

This feature enables walk-in gun safe in the gun armory. The rooms could also be used as shelter in-case of hurricane. This makes the armory a double function room.


Different models of gun safes have their locking system for security purpose. Some have electronic locks while others have the mechanical locks. Operation of the mechanical locks involves the use of key locks. A pry resistance and bolt technology also applies as locks.

The locks are for different uses. Some will be used as a denial from access by family members or theft of such guns. There are also locks that basically protect the guns from disasters like floods and fire.

Other common features of gun safes include: a composite door. This is still for security purpose. It is much tougher hence increases fire protection up to the door edge. It is installed at the meeting point of inner and outer steel shells. The door is bent by a computerized robotics of liberty. The door is found in the liberty models of gun safes.

Other security features are the internal hinges and the body structure.

Re-locker devices

For more security of your guns you can keep it lock by the re-locker device. These are spring that are in the inner part of the door hence not seen from outside. They are always in a double. There is one in the exterior of the lock while the other to the interior.

When the lock is touched the inner lock fires. This will prevent the locker from complete turn making the locker to remain bolt. The outer lock also fires to create a permanent lock and safe mechanism.

Another feature is the sure-tight handle that has a slip clutch. It also increases on security matters. It locks the mechanism by slipping whenever touched. The handle is always tight despite much play on it by an individual. This is aided by the front locking bolt. Hard-plate locker and UL listed locks.

Benefits of gun safes

Family protection: individuals who show the whole family where the guns are kept endanger their life. A child may decide to know much and even try to shot if the parents are not there. They may not have the correct information on the use and may end up shooting him/herself. This could lead to the death of such children. By the use of the gun safes you can lock up your guns for the safety of the whole family.

Investment protection

Guns are very expensive and involve a lot of procedure before purchase. Many people would purchase it with intention of keeping the investments very safe. Others may use it for hunting as the source of income. There are increased cases of guns theft and individuals need to keep them safe. To protect it from such burglary you will need the gun safes for your gun. This will keep it safe as you continue protecting your investments.

Assets protection

When you purchase a gun safe you will have found a safe place for your assets. In the structure you can lock up your cash, papers and even minerals like gold and silver. This is to keep them off from any burglary. The device can fit into various places within your room. There are small sizes that can be kept even underneath the bed or in wardrobes. This will always assure you a safe place for your assets.

Protection against calamities like fire and flood

The modern gun safes do not only protect your gun from family access but also fire. Since fire accidents are common at homes one needs safety point out of fire incidents. The devices are fire proof and you will find your gun safe after a fire outbreak. This feature makes them very appropriate for other basic documents like personal papers.

To minimize accidents

Guns can easily cause accidents when not properly handled. Keeping of guns on a point where it is easily disrupted may bring accidents to individuals. Even on long walks you need to put in safe so that in-case of any accident one is not injured. Quarrels at place of work or home may make one run for the gun when it can be easily accessed. The gun safe is very important to control such accidents.

Allows for quick access

Guns are very crucial and may be needed urgently for security purposes. You can easily access your gun from the safe than any other places like under the bed or wardrobes. By the use of the fingerprint you will access the gun just in second. This is much quicker and reliable means to acquire the gun whenever need arises.

Smart storage of your gun

Guns can be kept from materials that can lead to its break down. Substances like dust particles are not very friendly to your gun and should always be avoided. Individuals can decide of long term keeping of their guns. A gun safe will be the most appropriate for its safety. It will prevent it from all sorts of unwanted materials.

In general gun safe is very crucial to a gun holder. This will provide them the peace of mind one may need. All documents, assets and family will be safe as long as there is a gun safe. The correct model should be chosen to suit your gun.

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